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November 16 2019

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Can crossfit workouts promote weight loss for female athletes? Intense functional exercises can really help to form a dream figure, develop strength and endurance. Today we will analyze the basic principles and features of this system, the main exercises for fat burning, as well as prepare several types of crossfit training programs for girls: both beginners and experienced athletes who want to lose weight.
Before we proceed directly to the analysis of complexes, we will analyze the basic principles associated with crossfit and weight loss in principle.

Why is crossfit training more effective for weight loss?
Why such training will be effective for girls who want to lose weight? How are they better compared to, say, regular cardio? Let's understand.

A variety of complexes and exercises

You will never have to repeat the same thing from workout to workout. And those who have been through it, understand that it is difficult not to start, and not to break somewhere in the process. When from in weeks in week you one takes complex, then sooner or later will come the day, when this Argumenty "as bitter radish."

Crossfit training on the contrary is a solid fan, especially in group classes. You never know what your coach thought up for you today. And if you prepare a program for yourself, you can constantly alternate exercises, replacing them with similar ones, the benefit in crossfit is very large.

The body will be in good shape
Crossfit combines aerobic and strength work. Thanks to the latter, your muscles will always be in good shape. After all, you can lose excess fat in different ways, and the results can be different. If you do not engage in power work and do only cardio, the body will be happy to get rid of unnecessary muscles, in the end you will lose weight, but you can look even worse than before. It is necessary to focus not on weight, because when losing weight, the body sheds not only fat, but also water, muscles. That is why the main indicator of successful fat burning are measurements and appearance.

In addition, in addition to the external result, your body after crossfit training will be healthy-accelerate metabolism, metabolism, you will eat well and sleep soundly.

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